(Privacy and Security)

1. Collection of data

Only the necessary data will be requested and collected to provide the service, according to the explicit statements in the General Terms and Conditions and Use.

2. Declaration of Commitment

With regard to data collection, D`Alma Jewelry assumes with customers and users the following commitments:

a) Proceed to the processing of data in a lawful and fair manner, collecting only the necessary and relevant information to the purpose for which they are intended;

b) Allowing the client access to the data provided and permission to correct any information registered by them;

c) Not to use the data collected to other purposes incompatible with the purpose it was collected for;

d) keep accurate data, as far as available, current;

e) Ensure the right to free disposal of the data used when requested by the holder;

f) Have safety mechanisms that prevent the display, modification, destruction or addition of data by anyone not authorized to do so;

3. Disclosure

D`Alma Jewelry will not disclose or sell customer data to third parties , so that all information is confidential. Access to information is restricted, being used only for communication with the customer or user and the processing of their orders.

D`Alma Jewelry may provide personal data to the legally competent authorities where they are requested, within their respective competencies.

4. Confidentiality

D`Alma Jewelry guarantees the confidentiality of any data supplied by its customers and that the collection and processing of data is carried out safely, preventing its loss or manipulation.

5. Security

D`Alma Jewelry guarantees that the data supplied by its customers or users are collected and safely treated , preventing its loss or manipulation. Nevertheless, it is known that the collection of data on open networks always involves a risk of a breach of security conditions in each time established by unauthorized third parties, which may involve the illicit circulation of data, for which D`Alma Jewelry can not be liable.

6. Consent

Using data provided by customers means that the user gives their consent to the processing of data by D`Alma Jewelry, which is considered given with the completion of the first order.

7. Access and Changes

All customers and users have the right to request access, rectification and removal of data, which must request to D`Alma Jewelry by email

8. Cookies

The website D`Alma Jewelry uses cookies, which can contain information such as a user ID that the site uses to check the pages you visit, but the only personal information a cookie can contain is that which is provided by the client himself or user.

A cookie can not read client's hard disk data or user or read other cookies created by other Web sites.

Some parts of the site use cookies to keep track of the pages you visit.

This information is used exclusively to verify the usefulness and usability of the site and to verify that you have permission to access certain services.

If you want to opt out of receiving cookies when visiting the website, you can configure your browser to warn before registering a cookie on your hard drive and refuse it when it is alerted of their presence. You can also refuse all cookies by configuring your browser accordingly, although by doing so you may not be able to see some sections of the site. In particular, you may need to activate cookies to use some site services.






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